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How do I become a memeber of the ISCM Basel?

Any natural or legal person may become a member of the association. He/she must be ready to aknowledge and promote its purpose. The membership fee must be paid at the beginning of each season.


How much is the membership fee?

For employed: Sfr. 80.- per season

For unemployed: Sfr. 40.- per season

The fee must be paid after having received the receipt sent by mail. 


Do I get a membership card?

The payment slip stamped by the post office applies equally as membership card. Please store the payment slip carefuly.

Did you pay online (e-banking)? In that case we will send you your membership card per mail.

This membership card must be shown at every concert without request.


How do musicians and ensembles apply?

* complete applications must be sent by mail or as PDF via e-mail.

* dateline: November 15 of each year. The application is valid for the following season. 

* applications will be discussed at three program meetings.

* we program our seasons with about eighteen months in advance.

* we strive to handle all applications on schedule and to inform applicants in time.

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